Every Pixel Counts

We blend artistic expression with emotional resonance to deliver visually compelling narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. Through our creative process, we ensure every frame evokes powerful emotions, crafting films that leave a lasting impact.


From smaller, simpler commercials to complex productions with serious feasibility, our team can be relied upon. Technically, we have the most advanced and widest range of cameras, lenses, and film equipments available to achieve perfect final products. We can honestly say that we enjoy working directly with clients just as much as with agencies. Both have their own beauty and advantages. Nothing proves this better than the fact that we have been collaborating with numerous agencies and clients for many years, winning several awards together in this field too. In addition to our many Hungarian clients, we also have partners from England, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.

corporate videos

Corporate videos can range from very small productions with a crew of just a few people to much larger shoots with a significant number of filmmakers. We always assess which crew members are needed for each project. Even multi-day, more complex shoots involving actors, props, and costumes are no problem for us. We have been working with brands for many years, some for over 12 years, such as Bosch, Siemens, Teva, Richter, NKE, and Bonduelle.

music videos

We are one of the teams that produce the most music videos in the country. Hundreds of Hungarian creations and over 100 music videos for international artists have been produced within our studio walls and sent to countries like the USA, the UK, Italy, Nigeria, Germany, Austria, and Romania. We have extensive practical experience in employing small crews. Western standards have always been our benchmark, so we set the quality bar very high for music videos in every category.


In terms of animation, we are prepared for everything from simpler, cost-effective 2D animations to complex 3D animations that require a large team and significant expertise. Our team has showcased its skills in post-production for numerous domestic and international productions and feature films.

a.i. services

AI has become inevitable in our daily lives, so we have integrated it into our routine as well. Increasingly advanced technologies are available for translation, music editing, correcting audio and visual errors, and creating still and moving images. Without sounding arrogant, we can say that we were among the first in the world to create a realistic AI music video. It wasn’t easy, but the biggest challenge wasn’t the creation itself, but rather the unknown territory and unpredictable timeline. Despite this, we would do it again and are continuing to do so, as this is partly the future.


virtual led

We have the capability to shoot with multiple virtual LED walls, ranging from small to massive studio sizes, where we can create lasting work using the latest technology or integrate it into external shooting scenes. With the help of 2D and 3D backgrounds and animations, we can present the most lifelike final product.


latest works

Csipet ropi

Outes hőszivattyú

Nemesis Tattoo & Piercing Studio: Tattoo

Nemesis Tattoo and Piercing Studio London [Buck street]

Flip the Strip | HGTV


Hajnóczy Soma – Akcióhős lettem!

Bosch – What does an engineer do?

Fundango Snowattack

EKTOMORF – The Gipsy Way



Bosch@DTM – Hungaroring

Spring Break Croatia / Director’s Cut (18+)

Bacardi Gateaway – Sziget aftermovie

Generali – Gyerek Sziget

Intim Torna Illegál / Budapest Park Aftermovie

The Letter – Eisenstadt

Depresszió – Védem az igazam

Zanzibar – Vidékről indult


Bonduelle – A borsó útja

MAGYAR NEMZETI BANK – Ellenőrizze bankjegyeit!

Vegas.hu – VB reklám

AWS – Nincs Árnyék

AWS – Fények nélkül

Depresszió – Végre

AWS – Odaát



CEO - Producer - Director


Since childhood, filmmaking has been everything to him. His favorite movie is The Godfather. He founded Pixel Film at the age of 23. He has 2 children and runs a VLOG under the name MRPXL. He is both a cost-saving producer and a cost-spending director in one person.

Creative Producer


She worked her way up the ranks in the country’s largest film studios. Starting from cleanup, through masking, and all the way to animation processes, she was an artist. Then, she was employed as a post-producer and creative for several major projects at various companies. Since then, she has led numerous large-scale international projects as a creative producer worldwide.

Production & Project Manager


For more than 14 years, she has been active in the film industry, where she encountered numerous challenges during her production work - as every production manager does - but she always stood her ground and smoothly overcame the obstacles.


First project

After spending years in Australia, Peter Tokay moved to Hungary, where he, along with his friends, created a 16-minute subcultural extreme sports short film called 'Panelparaszt'. They achieved an outstanding placement at the first XAFT film festival with this film. Encouraged by this success, he embarked on a filmmaking venture and founded the Pixel Film production company next year.

Tankcsapda concert DVD

A year later, they produced a concert film for the highly successful band Tankcsapda, which became a platinum-selling DVD just a few days after its release.

39. Magyar Filmszemle

Our short film, "Hazatérés," achieved great results at one of the most renowned domestic film festivals, the Hungarian Film Week.

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Viva Comet award

We received a Viva Comet award for the music video we shot for the song "Generáció" by the band Supernem. (Yes, there is a cut in the video, but we filmed it in one take; we just preferred the beginning of one scene and the second half of another. And no, the camera didn’t go through the wall, it went through an open door.) We were happy and had a great time at the event. This was followed by several domestic and international awards for our other works.

Goldeneye Award

Our first award for a commercial, at the most renowned and largest Hungarian cinematography festival. We created a commercial for a bank, and received this important award for it this year.

PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards

In 2015 and 2016, we won four times at the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards for several of our works in different categories (in New York and in Los Angeles). We were happy. Really.

The Present

With hundreds of projects and dozens of awards and recognitions behind us, our aging yet highly enthusiastic team continues to work with the most advanced techniques all around the world.

why choose us


have 20 + years of professional experience behind us, during which we have produced over 300 music videos, more than a hundred TV and cinema commercials, corporate videos and animations for the international market. Numerous projects, many domestic and international awards, and recognitions characterize our career. We have access to the most advanced techniques and everything necessary for producing feature films, commercials, animations, and corporate videos, from small crew shoots to teams of over 80 people. And now, here are the most important things every client wants to know:

Order good food for the shoot
Print the script and the call sheet correctly
To wear appropriate clothing for the shoot
Deliver the final product on time